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At UPM&C, LLC, We build luxury homes and apartment homes at middle class prices designed to neutralize flood risk, decrease the transmission of infectious disease, and reduce rising rental costs that millennials face.


Our goal as is to build, own, operate 10,000 units generating $1.2 Billion in rental revenue annually while creating 500 new jobs. We plan to sale 10,000 units over the next 5-10 years totaling $2.5 Billion in revenue. We desire to become the primary major supplier of luxury affordable housing to HUD (The US Department Housing and Urban Development) in middle class and upper middle class zip codes to get families into better school districts for their children.


Our developments are located in middle to upper middle class zip codes targeted by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and City and County Housing Authorities which are currently paying 130% of fair market rent strategically positioning us to be a desired development partner and exponentially growing our revenue.

Major homebuilders, developers, and apartment owners are our competition. What they don't understand is that as they have focused on designs for single people creating a shortage of affordable housing for families while pushing further out to build housing developments to avoid flood plains. They are increasing millennial commute times to work. Land prices in middle to upper class zip codes throughout the US located in flood plains are falling which provides a major value add opportunity for the developer who can (with a uniquely designed foundation) solve the flood issue cost effectively. We have!


Due to increasing real estate development along with more frequent occurrences of extreme weather (hurricanes and flash floods) in response to climate change, renters and home buyers face rising insurance premiums along with financial and property losses as a consequence of catastrophic flooding. The rate and the amount of land which is being categorized as a being in a flood plain or floodway is rising.

 Meet The Team

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Giovonni Burnell

After 20 years spent at the intersection of banking, finance and customer service with firms such as Woodforest National Bank, JPMorgan Chase and DHL in the Houston Area and living through several hurricanes, Giovonni understood the issues facing millennials as home buyers and renters including rising rents, flooding, and a lack of affordable housing for families. Seeing the potential for an apartment designed like a luxury home with a strategically designed foundation to neutralize flooding and using his experience as a real estate investor, He launched UPM&C, LLC (Urban Property Management & Construction) to tap that potential and help today’s decision-makers transform tomorrow.


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Deshunda Burnell

Deshunda brings 15 years of marketing, and administrative experience to attracting consumers to products and driving sales from firms such as Advance America, AT&T, Walmart, CompUSA and Woodforest National Bank. She the founder of "My Love is Beauty" an e-commerce beauty brand for women. Her expertise includes staging, sales, marketing, floor plan, and website design. Her most recent web design project was for our company UPM&C, LLC <>


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Khalid A. Mahdi

Khalid a US military veteran and father of three brings 27 years of residential and commercial construction experience ( including 8 Krispy Kreme Doughnut locations, 2 New York Bagel locations) to our firm. His commercial construction experience includes sky scrappers and tax credit affordable housing construction. Khalid is currently president of The Calvin Organization, Inc since 1992.


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